Sheep Skins

Perth Hide & Skin Exports process and Export sheep and lamb skins.
All skins are sourced from our own abattoirs in the south-west of Western Australia.

Spring lamb skin production commences in August and goes through to December.

Shorn lamb skin production commences in January with wool lengths 0.5 – 1.0inches increasing to 1.5 – 2.5 inches as the season continues.

Mature sheep skin production continues all year round with wool lengths varying from under 0.5 inches up to 2.5 inches and longer.

All our skins are preserved using the drum salted method.


Good to Super – “GS”

Good colour, free or nearly free of burr and/or seed.
May contain light dust but high yielding skins.

Ordinary – “ORD”

Light to moderately burry, seedy, earthy, discoloured, heavy conditioned wool – or any combination of those faults to a moderate degree.
May also include slightly damaged wool.

Inferior – “INF”

Heavily burry skins, seedy, earthy, badly discoloured, heavy condition wool or any combination of these faults as well as damaged wool.

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